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DesignProps Experience

The DesignProps experience is unparalleled. Discover the perfect prop from the wide variety of designer curated pieces, or partner with our professional design team to help you find the perfect prop that will turn your vision into a reality.

Throughout years of creating beautiful spaces for clients, co-founders Christine and James were continually facing the burden of prop rental services that were always a step behind. With the launch of DesignProps, creating your beautiful set and space is now effortless.

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Based in New York, DesignProps is a full service prop rental house, offering rentals, curation, and creative consultation — helping clients discover the perfect prop for their space.

Offering unprecedented customer service, and hand selected, designer curated props, DesignProps partners with brands and personal clients to help transform raw spaces, into fully dressed venues ready for any event, show, photo shoot or other industry endeavor.